Relationships: Can a relationship stir up feelings that have been frozen?

If someone is not in a relationship, they may find that they are generally stable. What this can mean is that they are rarely emotionally flat and are rarely overwhelmed by their emotions.

Being in this way naturally facilitates them to function at their best and enjoy life. If they are often emotionally flat or let go of how they feel, it will be difficult for them to experience a fulfilling life.


In general, it can be said that their emotions will not be controlled and they will not try to force them out of their consciousness. As a result, the people in their lives can see them as an emotionally calm and attuned person.

Also, it may not be uncommon for others to open up to them about challenges in their own lives. This will result in the fact that these people will know that one will be able to handle what they have to share.

new beginning

However, if they start seeing someone, they may find that their inner world begins to change. It may not be a small change either, as they can have moments when they are very unstable.

Because of who they were before, they may struggle to understand what is going on for them. However, thanks to how strong these feelings are, it wouldn’t be possible for them to carry on as normal.

early days

What may also confuse them is that they have only known this person for a short time; So it’s not like there’s a reason why they feel that way. It may seem as though the emotional part of them is out of control.

This may not be as often as it will happen as they can feel more inner turmoil as the weeks and months go by. One can get to the point where they wonder if they are with the right person.


A part of them can then feel connected to their partner and appreciate their company, but another part of them can have a very different experience. What they do next can depend on how conscious they are.

If they lack a certain level of self-awareness, they may end up turning away from their partner, seeing them as a problem. The discomfort within them would be so strong that they were unable to hear the other part of them.

short term solution

This avenue may allow them to gradually settle down again, but what it won’t do is allow them to experience a deeper connection with someone. So even if they feel better, it won’t make up for the pain and even the regret they may be experiencing in the long run.

What he might find, if they start another relationship, is that the same thing happens again. If so, this may allow them to see that what is going on there is not the problem.

stay with her

Conversely, if one is able to step back and not get caught up in how they feel, they might wonder why there is so much going on inside them. The only thing they can do is talk to a close friend about what is happening to them.

What this friend might be telling them is that emotional pain from their past seems to be bubbling to the surface. The person dealing with it would have simply released what was already inside of him.


One way to understand what happened is to imagine that a number of items were frozen into ice. When the ice is frozen, these items cannot be seen, but if the ice melts, the items will become visible.

Likewise, the feelings within them froze in their bodies, and by feeling someone else’s warmth, that ice began to melt. What this did was start to release the feelings that were stuck.


Now, if someone believes that their thoughts create their feelings, it can be difficult for them to accept that. What they may come to is that this is not the whole truth, with them being much more than this.

Unresolved emotional pain can, so to speak, trace back to what happened in the beginning of their lives. What this will show is how long it has been in their body and that time alone will not cause that pain to go away.

it’s time

One way of looking at what is happening is to say that one is ready to face that pain; If they weren’t, it wouldn’t have happened. It may then be difficult for them to accept this because they are in so much pain, but this will be the time when they are given the opportunity to become more whole and complete.

This pain would also have an effect on their ringing/vibrating, and a lot of energy was required to keep it out of their consciousness. Working through that pain will enable them to feel better, change their energetic footprint, and give them more energy.


If one can handle this, and is willing to work despite their pain, they may need to reach out to outside support. This is something that can happen with the help of a therapist or therapist.

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