How to control a woman’s emotions and make her emotionally dependent on you

Here’s a very unconventional technique that can be used to make girls fall in love with you in no time: they are absolutely indispensable by being their strong rock. This means that you have to make the girls emotionally dependent on you so that they never think of leaving you. Keep reading to discover how this can be doneā€¦

How to Control a Woman’s Emotions – and Make Her Emotionally Dependent on You (3 Simple Techniques)

Tactic #1. Be in control.

Girls are compliant by nature, but this is only true if they have good reasons for it. Show your leadership qualities and make them comply with your desires. You can start by choosing where you will go on each date and charm her into submission.

Tactic #2. Be the proverbial “guy.”

Through centuries of social conditioning, girls have become, by nature, keepers of male authority. You simply have to show that you are the man in your relationship in order to get your girl to respond to you properly. If you have the ability to read a female’s mind, you may discover that this is exactly what she wants – a leader she can follow.

Tactic #3. Be in control of the conversation.

When a girl starts talking about past relationships, be wise enough to shift her attention when she starts talking about her past relationships. Allowing girls to reminisce about their past experiences while spending time with you will only ruin any chances you have of getting them into bed. Because of this, you should be straightforward and change the subject immediately.

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