Affirmation and appreciation

Ask any appearance coach to list their secrets to success and one of the things you are sure to hear is the word “appreciation”. but why? When you are searching for, digging and digging for gold, what is the point of distracting yourself with your present life? You are looking for something better, right? Hmm.

Yes, it may be true that you are. However… how are you to appreciate the “next better thing” if you don’t value what you already have? At any given moment, how do you really know the difference between the things that have approached you, the things that you are holding on to so tightly, and the things that are about to leave? And where does that tiny little thread lie between appreciation and affirmation?

Oh, it can get so confusing!

Here is the need. You are here now. Somehow, events occurred to ensure your survival. Most of us would agree that just being you is something to celebrate! After all, isn’t self-preservation one of our strongest instincts as humans? Of course we understand all this.

However, we strive for more. It’s normal. It’s part of being human. In fact, the word “vitality”, the special essence that distinguishes a living being from an inanimate object, also means growth. Vitality means life, and life means growth. It is in our nature to evolve.

However, there are questions.

If we’re moving to something new, does that automatically make the thing we’re moving away from wrong? Sometimes it feels like it, and that’s where the problem lies in the plan.

  • You enter into a relationship with a wonderful person. Time is running. Things change. You move on to another relationship. Was your ex bad?
  • You’ve got a great job. Time is running. You are getting over it. Now the job is less satisfying. Doesn’t quite fit. You start putting the probes in for something else. Was accepting this job a mistake in the first place?
  • You are assuming a voluntary commitment. You meet some great people and do great things for your community. Eventually, the responsibility begins to feel like a weight on your shoulders. You realize it’s time to let someone else go for a while. Was the organization wrong to let you serve? Was I wrong in accepting commitment? Is the organization necessarily mismanaged?

No, no, no. Your partner is a lovable person. That’s why I hooked up in the first place. Your job was perfect at the time you accepted it. And look at the good your work has done to society. Time passed and I grew up. One of the greatest favors you can do yourself at a time of great transition is to fully appreciate the value and joy of the experience you’ve had. There is no rule that says you have to hate something to go beyond it.

In fact, appreciating all of your life experiences makes for a smooth transition. No bad feelings or regrets in the past. no blame. There is no reason to recover your energy and vitality from the next experience, for fear of making a critical mistake. There was no mistake – just a gentle growth and push down the next tributary.

And this is exactly where the confirmation part comes in. Here you are. Help yourself. Who knows where to go?

Well, you have some leverage over the vast unknown of this question. Admittedly, there will always be unseen ones. However, appreciation for the small developments you see in the direction you want Likes Going in tandem with confirming your vision in full color will certainly help you plot a course in the direction you want to go.

An appreciation of where you came from and what you have now. Confirm the direction you are heading. They are two ends of the same path, separated by only a short time.

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